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The consulting firm "e CONSEIL & ASSISTANCE" is a multidisciplinary business firm focused on providing advice to investors, corporate advisors and individuals considering retirement in Mauritius and/or investing in real estate. The firm, based in Mauritius with activities in Reunion Island, the Indian Ocean and Africa. It was founded and is managed by François ACOU, Franco Mauritian, a business lawyer previously admitted to the Paris Bar. Established in Mauritius for nearly 10 years, he and his team of collaborators have a solid local presence, recognized skills in the field of business and investor consulting, good expertise in real estate, and long experience in business administration and management. 

Investors Advisory

settle a companyin port louis
Investment Opportunities in Mauritius
Helping you in the creation of a local company
Create your offshore company in Mauritius

As an investor wishing to settle in Mauritius to undertake a commercial activity, create a local company or offshore Company, e Advisory and Management can assist and accompany the investor throughout all the procedures from conception of the project to materialisation. You will also be updated on a regular basis about the Investment opportunities and you will be guided and accompanied to ensure the success and sustainability of your project. We may also assist investors in the feasibility studies of the local market.


Corporate Advisory

Corporate entities already established in Mauritius, Reunion Island and more broadly in the Indian Ocean and Africa will find the firm an ideal companion for their tax structuring and planning, legal assistance and business administration.


settle a companyin port louis
Investment Opportunities in Mauritius
Helping you in the creation of a local company

Individual Advisory

Individuals wishing to retire in Mauritius can get their Residence Permit and will benefit from all, tax planning and family office services and at the same time enjoy the various attractions of Mauritius.


The wonderful attractions available in Mauritius
Work and Residence Permit in Mauritius
Take your retirement in Mauritius
Tax Planning and Family Office

Real Estate

Individuals wishing to acquire a property , if need be a property programme in vefa, will benefit from all our legal and tax frameworks advice, our real estate expertise, and information about notary fees, duties & taxes and administrative procedures.


Real Estates available for Foreigners in Mauritius
Programmes to buy a property in VEFA in Mauritius
Legal & Tax Frameworks in Mauritius
The notary fees, duties & taxes in Mauritius

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