e-Licensing: Pravind Jugnauth wants to improve the business sector in mauritius

Charles Cartier, Chairman of the Economic Development Board
Charles Cartier, Chairman of the Economic Development Board


In the event of the European week, the Economic Development Board (EDB) has launched the project e-licensing: Transformational initiatives to enhance the business environment, Thursday the 10th May in the presence of the honorable Prime Minister and the Ambassador of the European Union in Mauritius.

The e-licensing project has been launched by the government in order to address and solve the main problems that arises while starting a business in Mauritius because of regulations and institutional bureaucracy.


“This ambitious project represents a significant investment which will trigger an instrumental change in the procedures that are being carried for various licenses” explains Charles Cartier, Chairman of the Economic Development Board.


According to Pravind Jugnauth, the purpose of such project is to facilitate the way of doing business in Mauritius. He is also pleased to have been able to contribute to the improvement of the ranking of Mauritius at the Ease of Doing Business in Mauritius of the World Bank.


The finance minister has pointed out that “the procedures should be more simple, adequate and efficient” if we want to promote investment. Has the 2016 Ease of Doing Business Index from the World Bank recalled that some setbacks need to be corrected during the official signing ceremony?


The other component of this project is the evaluation of the current system and to minimize the administrative procedures and paperwork. The third component of this project concerns training, for both government bodies and private businesses.


This re-organization makes it easier for entrepreneurs to obtain their respective Permits, Licenses and Authorization from other Government institutions. We have to do to some sort of rationalization so that we avoid repetition and also avoid unnecessary procedures for entrepreneurs. We have asked the services of a consultant who is going to verify all the Permits and will then make the make recommendations. The government will act thereafter.

Mauritius relies on e-licensing to attract more investors

Long awaited, this online platform project for the classification of applications of various Permit is about to be materialized. It will occur over a period of 3 years.


In addition to the online platform, a complete process of re-modeling has been planned, along with a revised legal framework and a change in the management program. 


The project is composed of four key elements:

  •         An e-licensing platform
  •         Business Process re-engineering exercise
  •         A regulatory review
  •         A change management program


The platform of e-licensing will become the sole point of application for all Licenses, Permits, Authorization, Certificates or any other type of authorization required to start and run a business.



According to the Economic Development Board, the first part of the National Licensing System is going to be online in August 2018. It will bring significant benefits to the 14 relevant government departments and agencies for example, reducing time and costs of pre-processing, monitoring and online services will be available remotely through any device.

The European Union supports Mauritius

To improve business environment in Mauritius, the European Union has opted to spend RS 270 million for the financing of this particular project.


The signature of this agreement has already taken place.


The estimated cost of the project is 9 million Euros. The contribution of the European Union, under the 11th European Development Fund accounts for just over three quarters of the overall cost. The Mauritian state will finance the remaining 2 million.


With this kind of support, Mauritius will also be eligible for another 3 million Euros, notes the finance minister. Marjaana Sall stressed that this modern project will unlock the economic growth potential of the country. The ambassador of the delegation of the European Union also recalls that it can benefit Mauritius in the development of other key sectors including education and science.


Pravind Jugnauth has said that he will host a Council Committee on Doing Business. It will ensure that the implementation of this project is done effectively, efficiently and quickly. Marjaana Sall will also be present at the committee. The Government, Business Mauritius and the Economic Board development are working closely to improve the efficiency of business procedures. In this context a Business Facilitation Bill will be presented in April.