Global TVOD launch of ‘Jungle Beat: The Movie’ on June 26th!

Jungle Beat: The Movie’ will be available on major global platforms, including Apple TV, Amazon and Google Play, as well as a host of local TVOD platforms, and has been dubbed into an initial 13 languages.

‘Jungle Beat: The Movie’ is the debut feature film of Sandcastle, an independent animation studio based on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius and having opened in 2018.


 Two years ago, the Economic Development Board Mauritius invited overseas experts in the digital film animation sector to share their insights in a full day conference to discuss on a road map to develop the digital animation sector. Sandcastle is among the first to have responded successfully and have set up a studio in Mauritius and benefit from the Film Rebate Scheme.



The economic spin-offs of this project are far-reaching. Foreign earnings collected from the distribution of the movie and all revenues associated with merchandising and derivative film products shall be routed towards Mauritius. In addition, the Intellectual Property Rights (IP) are registered in Mauritius.

In May, Jungle Beat was named as one of 10 finalists in the prestigious Annecy 2020 animated film competition, with the final winner due to be announced in June 2020. This selection was from an entry pool of 3,180 films submitted from studios in 94 different countries. This followed an incredibly warm response at major international film markets, including the European Film Market (Berlin) and American Film Market (Santa Monica), with theatrical sales having been agreed into more than 40 different countries, before the COVID 19 pandemic disrupted almost every facet of daily life, including cinemas.

Source : Economic Development Board