Another view of ADVISORY

Our areas of expertise cover the main aspects of the Council to SME and TPE enterprises. Our approach is global to naturally become your unique interlocutor over a long period of time. We are proud and passionate to accompany you in aiming for Excellence. Each new customer registers with us a new page of the adventure of competitive entrepreneurship in Mauritius, the island of Réunion and the Indian Ocean.

Quickly understand all the issues of your organization

A holistic approach will help to place the stakes and understand your problems. First discover your business in all its aspects: legal and fiscal, organizational, trades, Social, accounting and financial to properly decrypt and better interact with you.  Understand the history and the overall culture of the company, identify the influence of the environment on the organization of your company, perceive its strengths and weaknesses and the specificities of its structure, analyze the internal forces Sometimes opposite: economic, organisational, relational and social. At the end of this process, together we will be able to pinpoint your business and find out what threats and opportunities are around them. Our mission will be to register naturally in this context. 

Our skills to help you achieve your goals

 We will help you to be confident in times of uncertainties, because the environment of your business is constantly evolving and we know that you are faced with the need to evolve quickly and well to survive. For assistance in the Legal, tax and social fields Today, what counts is agility, flexibility and speed in adaptation. We will therefore help you to design and implement your transformation, to move from strategic thinking to operational action, because it is essential to make the right decisions today to support and perpetuate your activity in the long term .


You will also be accompanied in improving the performance of your business in all areas. We are able to provide advice and assistance in the areas of accounting and financial management of your SME/SMIs. The'  of certain functions will allow you to focus your staff's efforts on your trades and setting up or improving a comprehensive and integrated management tool to realize the full potential of the business.



With a great experience in the field of Prevention and amicable treatment of business difficulties, our conviction and enthusiasm are largely built on many examples of turnarounds and successes. You're wondering how to get out of it? We have all the solutions available to you and are able to implement them by your side. Know that nothing is lost. There are different concrete and effective ways to get you out of a stalemate, but you have to go as far as possible to claim to stay in a friendly environment.