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Business Process Outsourcing in Mauritius

Outsourcing is the transfer of the execution of a task, service or function for which your company does not have specific competencies, considered non-essential and non-strategic, towards an external partner, on site or Using digital tools, for a period most often limited and defined over time. It is also free of heavy constraints, unnecessary or poorly mastered to gain time and flexibility by immediately taking advantage of expert skills at a controlled cost.

Business manager of an SME, are you in one of the following cases?

  • I have no time to do my job.
  • I would like new management dashboards
  • Recruiting an employee is still a little too fair!
  • Digital communication: I really have to get started!
  • Accounting, legal and payroll, it's too complex for us
  • The administrative, it's become almost half my time!
  • I am sure I am not very well computerized.
  • I can't cope with a temporary activity overbeliever

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The benefits of Mauritius and our areas of intervention

It is no coincidence that the strong development of outsourcing in Mauritius corresponds to the growth of new technologies that represent as many tools and supports that enable companies to better outsource, and especially to progress the country in most areas. The country has many advantages. 


     We cover the main functions of the company with a "Knowledge Process outsourcing" Orientation:

  • Outsourcing the Accounting department : Bookkeeping, annual accounts, management control, financial management ...
  • Outsourcing the Legal department : Legal Secretariat, advice, stewardship reports, general meetings, etc. .. and various formalities,
  • Outsourcing the Payroll Service : Personnel management and where appropriate human resources: recruitment, individual and collective bargaining)
  • Administrative tasks and data entry through your Personal assistant
  • Creating Web Sites
  • Setting up and managing Social networks
  • Digital Marketing
  • Economic Intelligence (Competitive and Technology Watch)

In some cases, our clients ask us to manage and administer a profit center, essentially or even their entire legal structure, this is Office Management or Delegated Administration, the most successful stage of outsourcing.


We also play the role of intermediary by giving you access, if you wish, to a network of local, regional or professional freelance companies likely to meet your more specific outsourcing needs, technical or for large volumes of treatment. 

The minimum configuration and tools

The implementation of an outsourcing, particularly the first, is a process that is seriously studied and will result in a feasibility study to the drafting of a service agreement. Essential principles will have to guide us as outsourcing beyond the simple subcontract, the notions of trust and sustainability are essential for the duo to work. The minimum configuration that we will use with you to start our collaboration, to facilitate our work and our exchanges is as follows:


  • Dedicated post on your network
  • VPN or TEAMVIEWER Connection very easy to set up and use,
  • Scan of parts and spill in a common directory GED (+ Dropbox For example for heavy files)
  • Software installed on your network, preferably a PGI/CRM.