Legal, tax and social ASSISTANCE

"Proliferation of texts" "The instability of the rules" and "The degradation of the norm". Some harsh formulas have remained famous: "Legislative and regulatory Logorrhea", "Byzantine refinements", "soft law", "vague right", "right to the gaseous state" ...


So, to find your way, trust us!


We assist you with everything pertaining to the Legal monitoring of the company: Statutes, formalities for advertising and registration with the business formalities Centre, coordinating shareholder information, managing the securities disposal Secretariat, organizing the main meetings (Boards of directors and of supervision, holding of general meetings, record, formalities of deposit and publicity and drafting of the minutes, drafting of the minutes of an assembly, managing relations with the auditor, formalities for the deposit of accounts in Registry of the Commercial Court.



We are also responsible for an Operational legal assistance: Drafting of commercial contracts, distribution, franchise, collection and declarations of claims, claims of goods sold under reservation of title clause, elaboration of general terms of sale, commercial leases And for More specific operations : Legal restructuring (merger, split) capital operations (increase or decrease in capital) creation, transfer and transfer of companies, management of litigation and conflicts between shareholders ... 


In the tax field, our interventions cover the Assistance in the establishment and filing of tax returns From the leader: IR/ISF, Group tax management (tax integration), year-end tax returns, management of VAT declarations and other taxes, research tax credit, tax optimization, etc. .. 


We propose to you to follow for you the social optimization of the remuneration of the leader, of his social coverage, of assistance to the recruitments, the setting up of payroll savings mechanisms, the assistance to the drafting or the proofreading of Employment Contracts, the establishment of redundancy procedures, the drafting and implementation of a Social Plan, the conduct of Wage negotiations and possible mediation in the event of conflicts.