Purchase of a property in VEFA in Mauritius

The sale of VEFA in Mauritius is governed by the Mauritian Civil Code and is subject the subject of a notarial deed

The sale in the future state of completion, known as "VEFA" and also referred to as "purchase or sale on plan" is a contract whereby the purchaser acquires immovable property to be constructed or under construction, on the basis of plans and descriptive documents and graph presented by the proponent.


In Mauritius as in France, at all stages of the acquisition of your real estate, especially when it consists in buying a property "in the future state of completion", your notary will be the protector of your interests.


This type of real estate sale VEFA in Mauritius is also subject to a strict specific regulation under the Mauritian Civil Code, the essential provisions of which are very close to those of the French Civil Code. 

The reservation contract, CRP

What is a preliminary reservation contract in VEFA? What is VEFA exactly ? Are there mandatory statements and amounts to be paid ? Am I definitely committed once the CRP is signed ? And if the real estate operation VEFA is not completed?

The VEFA act and the payments

What are the terms and the content of the deed of sale in the future state of completion in the notary (VEFA)? How is the VEFA of the purchase price of the property structured ? Reception of the works and delivery of the good, what is the difference ?

Guarantees for the purchaser

What are the legal guarantees available to the acquirer in VEFA ? Financial guarantee of completion of the real estate by a bank, guarantee of reimbursement, 10-year guarantee, damage insurance work ... How to avail to it?