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Looking for or have found the real estate of your dreams, great! But before you realize what can be the investment of a lifetime, as an individual investor in a foreign country, do you not think it may be useful to get the opinion and benefit from advice from local professionals? Beyond the choice of the project and the good that you have anticipated, of the assembly proposed by the promoter, it is often indeed very appreciable to be advised by a professional expert in real estate investment knowing the local realities and to make a report of expertise and evaluation and to formulate an opinion on the relevance of the investment you are planning. 

Our real Estate Advice

Want to know our opinion, outside and independent?  Franco Mauritian, a native of metropolitan France, François ACOU who oversees the firm's studies on this subject has been present in Mauritius for many years. So we fully understand your specific expectations as a foreign investor. Our advice in many areas of economic life and in that of residential real estate gives us an excellent mastery of all aspects of construction, administrative, legal and tax and the necessary setback to help you finalize your project. Upon request, we visit and study a particular property, new programs and have, at a minimum, in-depth professional contact with the developer, the architect to be able to give you a professional opinion on the quality of your investment.

Investing in confidence

Your approach will complement the information provided by the realtor, seller/promoter, notary and other stakeholders. Having a report of expertise, even light and quickly established, by an independent local professional to validate your project of acquisition is proving very often useful. If in most cases, for the most part, it will allow you to be comforted in your choice, to be certain of the relevance and the quality of your future investment and therefore to buy your property in peace, it will also have the merit of  drawing your attention to this or that aspect of the project that you did not necessarily well understood, because it is common for lack of time very often to review all the essential classic points related to a real estate acquisition when one is a par particular in research.

Expertise report

To have a real estate project validated by carrying out a real estate appraisal and evaluation is to look more precisely at the quality of the construction, the location of the property in relation to the general geography in Mauritius, the location of the B In its real estate, the possible nuisances present or foreseeable, the foreseeable evolution of the immediate environment and surrounding buildings, the reality of potential capital gains, the practical possibilities of rental management and the market price of the rents to be hoped for, the important or delicate points of the specifications, the professionalism of the future management by a trustee, the justification and the possible evolution of the amount of the condominium charges, the possibilities, the facilities and the conditions of the eventual resale of the good, etc. ..