Real Estate investment in mauritius

To invest in real estate in Mauritius is to invest in a stable country offering interesting tax and valuation opportunities in a very dynamic economy, close to France, in an idyllic environment ! To this day, foreigners can freely acquire:


  • a property in the new PDS program,
  • a residential unit developed under the now well-known former IRS and RES programs,
  • an IHS investment in a hotel complex,
  • a residential unit developed in a smart city of the Smart City scheme,
  • since December 2016, an apartment located in a building comprising at least two levels, a ground floor + 2.


Reminder: The residence permit is available for an investment of more than 500 000 USD.


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PDS Scheme

The Property Development Scheme (PDS) now unifies all previous legal regimes, which remain for ongoing programs. The PDS makes it possible to develop projects on smaller surfaces, it is more precise and more favourable still to foreigners and allows a better combination of real estate development with the responsibility of real estate developers in social matters and the environmental integration of more ecological projects.

Former RES & IRS

These two legal regimes governed the terms and conditions of real estate acquisition by foreigners for many years. The Real Estate Scheme (RES) relaxed the conditions of the previous Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS). They have been very successful and are at the origin of the strong development of luxury residential real estate in Mauritius accompanied by the associated economic development.

Flat ground-floor+2

The possibility for foreign nationals resident or not in Mauritius to acquire one or more apartments in a ground floor+2 building results from a legal amendment recently voted in December 2016.


As an extension of commercial and professional real estate, the adoption of this amendment is part of the gradual opening of Mauritius to foreign investment, both recreational and rental.

How to find out the perfect good?

Search for properties according to your criteria on secure and reliable real estate portals, favour renowned developers who have proven themselves in the field with a portfolio of projects already completed. Call a hunter if you want a complete overview.