Notary fees, duties and taxes

The notary Fees

The notary fees for any real estate acquisition in Mauritius are calculated in % of the price according to the slices.

In general, they amount to 2% up to Rs 250 000, is 1.5% on the following Rs 500 000, is 1% on the next Rs 1 000 000 and finally 0, 5% on the balance of the price, beyond therefore Rs 1 750 000.



In the context of the real estate programs reserved for foreigners, in the case of sales in the future state of completion in particular, the entire notary fee is higher and these fees can represent up to 1% HT about the sale price of the IB In. These fees are subject to VAT of 15%.This is in addition to fees and taxes that are not notary fees themselves.

Fees to be paid to the BOI

Files filed with the Board of investment (BOI) as part of a real estate acquisition are subject to the collection of a non-refundable file charge of Rs 10.000, payable by cheque by the purchaser or sponsor, as applicable. 

Real estate Tax

For any real estate sale, it must be paid a real estate tax called "Land transfer tax" in the amount of 5% of the value of the property. It is payable by the seller/promoter on the one hand and by the purchaser of the property on the other hand.