PDS Programs

The PDS is a real estate development scheme enabling developers to carry out programmes of at least 4,200 sqm in the form of a complex of at least 6 villas and/or apartments benefiting from infrastructures, well-being activities and more or less personalised common services, all in a complex secured by an enclosure and a security service.


The PDS is essentially a framework intended for property developers whose objective is to enable and facilitate the development and marketing of high-end residential units, mainly intended for foreigners.

The PDS mechanism


Ongoing projects

Respectful of the environment, PDS projects are designed to be in perfect harmony with nature. Indeed, the State encourages ecological construction... Natural light, use of solar panels, water recovery are all elements that the promoters integrate into their project.


Accessible to foreigners as well as Mauritians and with no minimum purchase, PDS programs attract many investors and retirees eager to settle "comfortably" in a small corner of paradise. The procedure of acquisition and obtaining the residence permit for the purchaser and the members of his family passes by the promoter PDS and by the notary, which secures and facilitates the steps for the foreign purchaser. 

For an equivalent project, the cost of a real estate investment in Mauritius is much lower than in other countries such as France, South Africa or the United Kingdom.


For retirees, the infrastructure and services offered are sometimes a determining factor. In addition, if your real estate purchase in the PDS program that you have chosen falls into the category of investments above USD 375,000, you are automatically entitled to a residence permit. The permit is given to the purchaser, his or her partner and children under 24 years of age, and is valid as long as he or she remains the owner of the property. It allows you to domicile yourself for tax purposes in Mauritius with the many tax advantages described in our section Taxation of expatriates.

The list of ongoing projects is regularly updated by the Board of Investment. To give you an idea of the dynamism of the residential real estate sector in Mauritius, 24 projects were in progress under the PDS status on 01/01/2017, in addition to the hundred or so IRS and RES projects.


We have at your disposal the list of the PDS projects in progress, with all the indications which you would wish.


The Emeraude Real Estate Agency offers as a personalized service to record and present to you in a complete report clear and pleasantly illustrated an exhaustive selection of all the projects PDS entering your search criteria, so as to have the certainty to make the "tour de la question" before taking any decision.