Real Estate loans in Mauritius

Opening a "non-resident" bank account

Whether in the name of a company or on a personal basis as the case may be, it is necessary to open a bank account in an establishment of Mauritius as part of the application to obtain the residence permit. The account can be opened in rupees, in Euros or Us Dollars. Once the residence permit has been obtained (residence permit, residence permit related to a real estate acquisition, permanent residence permit or residence and work permit known as "occupancy Permit"), and subject to being listed Tax with the Mauritius revenue Authority (MRA), the account may be converted into a resident account. We have at your disposal the list of documents to be provided and know that your physical presence on site in Mauritius is not necessary for the opening of the account, so also to initiate the procedure of obtaining the residence permit and to obtain a Agreement in principle of the Mauritian authorities. 

Who can buy a real estate in PDS in Mauritius?

It is recalled here that can buy property in Mauritius: A citizen of Mauritius, a foreigner, a company registered in the Registrar of Companies, a trust/trust or guardianship services are provided by a qualified agent and recognised by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), a company registered as a foreign company at the registrar of Companies. Attention: If the entities receiving a category "Global Business license 1" known as GBLC 1 may also acquire real estate under the PDS (property Development Scheme) status, the offshore companies falling under the category " "Global Business License", known as GBLC 2 can not. 

Bank financing of real estate investment

In Mauritius, the granting of real estate loans by banking institutions is governed by the "borrower Protection Act" of 2007 and by directives of the Bank of Mauritius (Bank of Mauritius Guidelines) which establishes prudential rules. Within these limits, several local banks can finance without difficulty the acquisition of a villa, the purchase of a property through their exclusive offers. In the case of sale in the future state of completion, the bank will be all the more willing to grant financing for the acquisition of a real estate in VEFA that a reputable financial institution (itself or another bank) will have granted upstream, to the application by the real estate developer, the perfect completion financial guarantee (GFA) provided for by the provisions of the Mauritian Civil Code to guarantee the purchaser the delivery of the immovable property. 

The example of the real estate bank loans of the MCB

For example, consider the conditions and modalities for the granting of real estate loans by the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB). Through its specialized department, the MCB can help you to acquire your villa on Mauritius Island.

It offers financing of 60% of the purchase price of your property. Overall, the loan repayment deadlines must not exceed 40% of the revenue. The duration of the financing may extend for up to 15 years and the interest rate is LIBOR (interbank rate USD, EUR, GBP) + 3.5 to 5% depending on the records. The MCB grants loans in rupees or loans in euros, for example foreign customers with most of their income in euros. It is suggested that an account be opened in the currency corresponding to the loan to avoid exchange rate fluctuations.

The disbursement of the loan will only take place after the incorporation of the personal contribution and according to a pre-established timetable itself depending on the progress of the work (a report by the quantity surveyor, "Quantity", to be produced). The financial guarantee for the completion of the work will be established before the loan is disbursed. The funds will be disbursed gradually and only interest is payable monthly until the full payment of the loan. Deadlines: Interest is payable monthly and it is possible to opt for a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual capital rebate. The applicable fees amount to 1.00% of the line of credit with a minimum of EUR 3000 and a maximum of EUR 10 000.


The collateral sought is a 1st mortgage on the property to be acquired, funds or securities deposited as collateral or a bank guarantee from an international bank. Personal input can take the form of opening a savings account or a blocked account that the bank will pledge. Interest paid on this type of investment varies from 2.3 4%. This placement can be abroad and therefore in France for example in a reputable bank. If it is not excluded that a guarantee on real estate in France may intervene, the cost of such an operation (conventional temporary mortgage with delegation to the bank) is important. In terms of insurance coverage, a disability death insurance policy (ADI) with a recognized insurance company will be delegated to MCB LTD and a multi-risk housing policy (HRM). 

Our Service for the bank account and the real estate loans

We are able to answer additional queries that you would have about the financing of your future real estate purchase or the simple opening of a bank account.


We have at your disposal the list of documents that will allow the bank to follow up on the processing of your file. We are also prepared to present you to the responsible of the competent department of one of the local banks of Mauritian. Our partner E Advisory and Management will assist you in the opening of a bank account either personally or on behalf of the company incorporated for the transaction you are considering. If you think you are using a loan, you should also assist with the filing of the file, for the negotiation of interest rates, duration of borrowing, terms of reimbursement and guarantees, together with the formalities of the application for the Residence permit and the authorization to acquire from the Board of Investment (BOI).