Settling down, investing and creating in Mauritius

You want to move to Mauritius to work, undertake, invest and create a local company or off shore company. You have several possibilities. Our mission will be to inform you, guide you, advise and accompany you in all your steps to contribute to the success of your Business project.



Our Areas of expertise cover most of the aspects of your project Professional In Mauritius As an investor. Our approach is comprehensive and our services very comprehensive to save you time, gain your trust and naturally become your unique interlocutor in the long run.

Identify all aspects of your project

Our experience and our holistic approach will help to place the stakes and understand your problems. To discover precisely all the legal, fiscal, social, accounting and financial aspects, organisational, trades. To properly decipher and better interact with you knowing perfectly on our side not only the Advantages of Mauritius but also all investment opportunities. This will bring us to the right questions. So, at the end of a process of a few days, we will have all the reading keys in hand to pinpoint your business project in Mauritius. Once this first is achieved, we will be able to know the threats and opportunities that surround it, its strengths and weaknesses. Our mission will then be naturally enrolled in this framework. 

Help you achieve your goals

Our goal will be to obtain Your residence and work permit In connection with the project to create your business as a professional or the Creating your local Company As an investor, or even your Offshore Company . Then if you wish, we will help you to advance in confidence because the economic environment is constantly evolving and we know that you are faced with the need to evolve quickly and particularly in a foreign country to Succeed Your expatriation. Today, what counts is agility, flexibility and speed in action. We will therefore help you to design and execute, to move from strategic thinking to operational action, because it is essential to make the right decisions today to support and perpetuate your activity in the long term. Each new customer registers with us a new page of this beautiful adventure of entrepreneurship as an expatriate. 

The Economic Development Board (soundtrack I), the one-stop

The Economic Development Board (EDB), which was established in March 2001 by the Investment Promotion Act 2000, will be a privileged point of contact to inform you independently of the possibilities and modalities for investing in Mauritius. Operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance, the EDB'S  mission is to promote and facilitate foreign investment. We offer you the following to get acquainted with the download of the guide that the BOI publishes to the attention of investors. The professionals at the EDB, all university graduates, have a thorough knowledge of the different economic sectors of the country. The EDB's seat is in PORT LOUIS. It also has antennas in Paris and Mumbai, in addition to the various consulates and embassies that you can contact in your country of residence. 

Mauritius Investment GUIDE EDB
Brochure for investors published by the Economic Development Board: "Mauritius, a sustainable investment". You will find in particular all the information on the key figures of the Mauritian economy, the sectors carrying or invest in Mauritius
BOI Brochure Investisseur.pdf
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