offshore companies  gblc 2 in mauritius

The regulation, incorporation, operation and taxation of GBLC2 companies are governed by the Companies Act 2001 and the Financial Services Act 2007 and the Income Tax Act 1995. A GBLC2 company is non-resident and is therefore a tax-free entity. As a result, GBLC2 companies cannot take advantage of the allowances provided for in the double taxation treaties in force in Mauritius. A GBLC2 company can be established either by direct incorporation or by continuation. It must at all times be registered with an agent approved by the FSC (Financial Services Commission) and must have its registered office in Mauritius. Its administration is simple and light. GBLC2 can, for example, be used as a trading company, commercial invoicing company, international contracts or asset accumulation company.


Incorporation procedure


The application must be made to the Financial Services Commission, which is the supervisory authority through an authorised offshore management company. Economic beneficiaries are not required to disclose their identity to the authorities. The maximum time for registration is 24 hours. The constitution procedure is quick in 3 days.




  • Shareholders in a fiduciary capacity,
  • No minimum capital required,
  • Capital denominated in all currencies,
  • Original statutes may be drawn up in French or English, or in any other language, in the latter case with an English translation attached,
  • the company name may include, in particular, the names: S.A., S.A.R.L., Limited, Corp, N.V., B.V,
  • Sole director, may be non-resident and/or legal entity,
  • Company Secretary: Certified management company,
  • No mandatory annual general meeting of shareholders. Meetings may be held at any place or by proxy,
  • Keeping of accounts but no audited accounts,
  • Transfer of the registered office from or to another possible jurisdiction,
  • Low formation and operational costs,
  • Transformation to GBLC1 possible,
  • Information concerning GBLC2 is confidential and not communicated to third parties.




GBL2 are not subject to any tax. Furthermore, no withholding tax is levied on dividends or on interest or royalty payments to non-residents.


Company Name


Any name may be used, provided it is not already used, there is no reference to the President or Government of the Republic of Mauritius or to activities prohibited to GBL2, such as banking, insurance or investment funds, for example, and it is not misleading.


Corporate purpose of the Company


The corporate purpose of the Company is very broad and may cover any activity not prohibited by the laws in force in Mauritius. The articles of association state that "the object of the company is to carry on any offshore activity which is not prohibited by the laws currently in force in the Republic of Mauritius, with the exception of any activity in the field of banking, insurance or reinsurance, activities in a fiduciary capacity or trusts or in the activities of collective investment funds, acting as a professional".


Share capital


GBLC2 are exempt from any capital structure tax and can choose the most appropriate structure. The shares issued must be registered shares, with or without nominal value.


Representative and domiciliation


The law stipulates that every GBL2 must always have a local manager and its registered office in Mauritius. Our authorized partner is authorized to act as local manager and to ensure the domicilaition of the head office.



Bank account



The company may have a bank account in Mauritius but economic beneficiaries are required to disclose their identity to the bank.






Registration fees and annual licences payable to the Authorities


  • Single processing fee with the FSC 100 USD and 65 USD for the registrar of companies
  • Annual license fee with the FSC of USD 235 and USD 65 with the registrar of companies