Your local company in Mauritius

The creation of a company in Mauritius requires only three working days. A domestic company incorporated in Mauritius may be held at 100% by foreign nationals, with no minimum capital. We are competent to advise you on the choice of the legal structure, to proceed with the incorporation and creation of your local company, to carry out all the administrative procedures and to accompany you in order to explore and choose the best opportunities of investment. 


The creation and regulations of the companies in Mauritius and the registration of commercial activities fall under the provisions of the Companies Act 2001 and the Business Registration Act 2002. All activities carried out in Mauritius must be registered with the Registrar of Companies. For individuals working on their own account, self-employed persons, such as "Self employed" who wish to create an activity in Mauritius, the registration procedures for the activity are similar to that of a Company. The Company Act 2001 in Mauritius provides for several types and categories of companies:

  • Domestic company,
  • Company holding a "Global Business Licence (GBL)" in Category 1, known as "GBL1",
  • Company holding a "Global Business Licence (GBL)" in Category 2, known as "GBL2" Company.


There are also other legal structures such as a holding company, trusts, foundations, etc. 

Help with the choice of the legal status of the company

The different types of companies in Mauritius are listed in the "Companies ACT 2001":

  • "Public company" means a public company that can use public savings and whose number of partners is unlimited,
  • "Private company" means a private company which cannot use public savings and whose number of partners is obligatory less than 25,
  • "Small private Company": This private company is for a small business, with a turnover of less than 10 million rupees,
  • "One person company" means a privately-owned company, consisting of a partner, a natural person, who is also the sole manager of the said company,
  • "Global Business Company": It is a company engaged in the offshore sector (GBL1 & GBL2),
  • "Foreign company": a foreign company operating in Mauritius must register a branch.


For simplicity, these companies may be limited liability (limited by shares), limited by guarantee (limited by warranty), limited by share liability and Limited by shares and guarantee, limited liability for a limited duration of 50 years (limited life Company (LLC). 

The incorporation of the company

After choosing together the legal structure of your future company, drafting the most suitable constitution, clearly identifying the nature of its proposed activities, we shall then proceed by the incorporation of the chosen entity. These procedures must be carried out at the Registrar of Companies. These steps include more precisely the choice of a name with possible verification beforehand if the name chosen is available, the incorporation of the company itself which gives rise to the delivery of a Business Registration Card, which includes a unique identifier and the company's Certificate of Incorporation, registration of the activity and payment of a prescribed fee. The same goes for the registration of a foreign company in Mauritius. 

Assistance throughout the procedures

 Once these procedures have been completed, it is possible to follow up with the other steps required and in particular applications for permits and licences if the activity is regulated or requires authorisation, the filing of marks or patents with the authorities , obtaining a trade license from the local authority (Municipality or District Council) after payment of the "Trade fees" within 15 days after the start of the transactions (the amount of such costs depends on the nature of your activity such as Appearing on the "Business Registration Card"), registration with the tax authority, the "MRA", to have a tax identification and VAT number and registration with the local Social Security branch from the day the chosen entity decides to hire an employee.


As an example, we will assist and be the liaison with the Board of Investment and the Customs Department of the Mauritius Revenue Authority, local companies wishing to operate under customs or those who wish to obtain the certificate and complete all other formalities To operate at the Freeport/Port Franc

We accompany the entrepreneur after the creation

The Government of Mauritius has introduced a number of programmes to promote business development and to help entrepreneurs grow their activities. Specific programmes have been set up so as to sustain the vision (Mauritius Business Growth scheme, SME Partnership Fund, Leasing equipment Modernisation scheme (Smys), AFD Green Lending scheme schemes under the Development Bank of Mauritius).



We help and assist you in finding the best Investment opportunities and to take advantage of it, Find your premises , help with your installation and then assist you for the administrative, legal, social and accounting monitoring which obviously forms part of our niche services offered.