The advantages of Mauritius



In recent years, Mauritius, thanks to its well-established policy, has forged a solid reputation in terms of ethics, good transparent governance, economic and political freedom. The business environment is stable and favorable, the clear and well-defined legal framework. Mauritius is now internationally recognized as an ideal country to make investments.

A regional vocation

Mauritius is constantly reinventing itself. The country takes advantage of its strategic position at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Australia. It gradually transforms itself into a centre and an international court for investors in search of security, transparent regulation and high value-added, as a platform for creating, to invest or create activities in Africa.

Thanks to its strategic position in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a regional platform for trade, investment and tourism, interconnecting Africa and Asia with the rest of the world. With a convenient time zone (GMT + 4), The country is a business centre, a financial hub, where business begins before the closing of the markets in the Far East and always on time to catch up with the opening of the markets in the United States on the same day.   

Very attractive tax

On the island of Mauritius, the Tax system is favorable: Absence of taxation on capital gains, non-taxation on interest and dividends at source, exemption of customs duties on equipment, free repatriation of profits, dividends and capital and corporate tax, tax on Income and value-added tax at the rate of 15%.

So far, Mauritius has signed over 40 double taxation treaties And is currently involved in other negotiations. 


Outstanding political stability

The political stability is remarkable.  

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, in its "Democracy Index" of 2016, Mauritius is in 18th place at world level and No.1 in Africa. There is only one complete democracy in Africa, it is Mauritius. Since its independence in 1968, Mauritius, unlike the majority of African States, enjoys unparalleled political stability. The political structure of the island is based on a democratic parliamentary system which is renewed regularly.


High growth economy

The country is a signatory and beneficiary of several Treaties and conventions Multilateral,  Ensuring the protection of foreign investors and Mauritius has a market economy and free trade. There is no exchange control or restrictions on the repatriation of profits, dividends and capital. The index of Economic Freedom published by Wall Street Journal ranks Mauritius 8th in the world among countries where Economic Freedom predominates.