Australia and Mauritius

When people talk about the economic partners of Africa, we do not necessarily think of Australia, which is more and more interested in African affairs, especially via Mauritius.


Recently, this collaboration has taken into effect with the inauguration in July 2018 of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Mauritius, called "AustCham". According to Kym Fullgrabe, Senior Trade Commissioner in Johannesburg, "Mauritius is an important economic player on the regional scene and shows great potential to deepen Australia's commercial engagement in the Indian Ocean region."


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In addition to the (partial) double taxation agreement signed in 2010 between the two countries, the Mauritian financial sector should enable Australian economic players to strengthen their investment in the mining industry in Africa, Australia being a pioneer in this sector of activity. But Australia also wants to develop new sectors with strong potential such as ecology and education. Read our blog article on this topic.


Click here to see Mauritius’ AustCham objectives.

Mining Industry

The Africa Down Under conference estimates that 400 companies based in Australia and operating on the African continent. They represent 35 billion dollars (31.7 billion euros) of investment in 42 countries.


Therefore, Mauritius, now recognized as the strategic platform between Australia and Africa, has a key role to play in supporting Australian mining companies' investments in Africa.


Australia and Mauritius, both members of the Commonwealth's Climate Finance Access Hub, already benefit from administrative flexibilities on climate change initiatives.


This Commonwealth institution, based in Mauritius and composed by consultants having high positions in governmental institutions, makes the island the ideal place to raise money from international environmental funds.


2000 Mauritian students are continuing their studies in Australia. Former Australian Ambassador in Mauritius, Susan Coles, has announced the opening of a Masters in Distance Business Administration between the Ducere Education Group of Melbourne and the University of Mauritius. This course, welcoming African students, reinforces Mauritius as a training and education hub in the Indian Ocean zone.