Your residence and work permit

We are at your disposal and competent to assist through the procedure of getting a work permit and residence, "the Occupation permits". This process must be carried out at the same time as the creation and incorporation of the company or activity. Many formalities can be done through us without the need of your presence in Mauritius (that will only be necessary when achieving the principle agreement of the E.D.B and to get you settled).

Future expatriate employee?

The future expatriate employee who plans to work for a company in Mauritius, called "professional" must have a contract of employment and have a basic salary of more than 60 000 Rupees a month. However, for professionals in the field of new information and communication technologies (ICT), a basic salary of Rs 30,000 per month is sufficient. An professional expatriate employed by a company in Mauritius can start working immediately after the Occupational permit is granted.

Independent professional, creating an activity on a personal name?

Self-employed status ("Self employed")

Settling in Mauritius in a liberal profession (doctor, dentist, consultant, etc.) or in personal name as an independent worker, in an individual company, is also valid for an application of a work and residency permit of 3 years.


To do this, you have to:

  • Invest 35 000 US dollars in Mauritius in its activity (working capital, materials, etc. ..), and justify it by transferring funds to an open bank account in a Bank of Mauritius,
  • Obtaining authorizations according to the sector concerned if necessary (e.g. College of physicians or dentists in the context of an implementation in these activities),
  • Complete a number of criteria such as not having any criminal record,
  • Provide income from the activity under consideration of more than 600 000 rupees annually for the first two years of operation and more than 1 200 000 rupees as from the third year,
  • To justify a competence in the chosen activity,
  • Go to Mauritius for medical examaminations.

Investor, Invest and create a company?

Investor status ("investors")


Classic investors

  • An investor is defined as a shareholder and administrator in a company incorporated in Mauritius under the Companies ACT 2001.
  • An investor must make an initial transfer of USD 100 000 or its equivalent in freely convertible currency to the company's account under which the application will be made.
  • The business activity must generate an annual turnover of at least Rs 2 million for the first year and a cumulative turnover of at least Rs 10 million for the next two years.
  • A company may have more than one investor as defined above. However, the initial investment and annual turnover is a multiple of the number of investors in the company.

Status Investor new System ("Investor-Machinery & Equipment")


Investors-machinery and equipment


An investor wishing to bring high-tech machinery and equipment as part of an investment of 100 000 USD, must transfer a minimum of 25 000 USD or its equivalent in freely convertible currencies and the remaining balance in terms of machines and high-tech equipment.


The following criteria must be met in order to benefit from the plan:

  • High-tech machinery and equipment will be evaluated according to the invoice issued by the supplier and a report from a recognized approved appraiser.
  • In the event that high-tech machinery and equipment is to be shipped to Mauritius, the investor must submit the maritime or Air bill of lading to the occupancy permit unit at the time of submission of the application.
  • Investment in high-tech machinery and equipment must be considered for the exercise of an authorized activity, including, but not limited to, agro-industry, aquaculture, health care, ICT-BPO, advanced technology, Life sciences, biotechnology, manufacturing, ocean economics and renewable energies.



If the value of high-tech machinery and equipment is less than that presented on the invoice and Bill of lading when assessed by the competent authority in Mauritius, the investor should transfer the difference in a Foreign currency freely convertible. High-tech machinery and equipment must be used for the proposed commercial activity.


The application under this category must be submitted online through channel A, known as the pre-approval scheme.


Investor Status New device ("Investor-Innovator")


Licence to occupy innovative investors


In his quest to achieve high income economy status, the Government of Mauritius reiterates its support for research and development (R & D) Investors in highly innovative sectors. The innovative occupancy permit is focused on companies with a substantial component of research and development in the context of total operational expenditure, but with low profitability in terms of capital requirements.
To attract these start-ups and innovators with low capital intensity, applicants eligible for the plan will have to make an initial investment of 40 000 USD or equivalent in freely convertible currency.
  • The plan applies to businesses engaged in R & D activities in defined areas, including but not limited to life and health sciences, technology, ICT, Fintech, biotechnology, nanotechnology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical products and design,
  • The R & D expenditure component must be at least 20% of the total operational expenditure during the research phase,
  • The Investment Board will assess, on a case-by-case basis, each project on its own merits to determine its eligibility for the plan,
  • The business plan must clearly represent all expenses related to R & D activities,
  • The annual accounts will have to clearly identify R & D expenditures and any variance from the initial expenses indicated in the business plan

Eligible expenses


The following costs may be considered as research and development:

  • Direct costs of R & D personnel,
  • Research costs in subcontracting,
  • R & D Staff provided externally
  • Cost of clinical trial volunteers
  • Prototypes
  • Software directly used in R & D
  • Consumables
  • Any other expenditure deemed to have been incurred with the prospect of acquiring new knowledge and scientific or technical knowledge.


To clarify, the following costs will not be considered R & D expenditures:

  • Production and distribution of goods and services,
  • Investment expenses,
  • Cost of land,
  • Expenses incurred in the use and creation of patents and trademarks,


Application process


The request must be submitted via channel A (approval in principle). It is the responsibility of the proponent to provide accurate, exhaustive and reliable information on its qualifying activities and the EDB accepts or rejects eligible R & D expenditures based on a Judicious interpretation of the innovative aspects and of the added value of the project.

Procedure with the soundtrack

All residence permit files in Mauritius are subject to the approval of the Prime Minister's office. To getting a principle agreement (letter of approval), the procedure is fast, from the order of a few days as soon as the file is complete. An occupancy Permit is only valid for one category (investor, professional or self-employed). It is not possible to move from one category to another on the same document. When you get the residence and work permit, your spouse and dependent children under the age of 24 will also be able to obtain the residence permit.

Permanent Residence Permit

Excluding the case of the investor who immediately invested more than 375 000 USD in an activity in the sectors listed by the soundtrack who is granted a permanent residence permit of 10 years, it is only after the initial period of 3 years, if the conditions required to obtain a residence permit or residence and work permit have been met, that a renewable 10-year permanent residence permit may be granted to holders of residence permits or occupancy permit, after study of the file by the competent services.


In addition, with regard to commitments in terms of volume of activity, the salaried professional must justify having actually been paid a minimum wage of 150 000 Rs throughout the period. The holder of a retiree residence permit will be required to justify the annual payment of USD 40 000 on the bank account opened in a Mauritian bank.


The owner of the Occupation permits as self-employed must have achieved at least the expected turnover of Rs 9 000 000 over the three-year period. Finally, the investor will justify that his company has achieved a turnover of Rs 45 000 000 over the 3 years. The application for a permanent residence permit, in all cases, may concern spouses, concubines and children under the age of 18. 

Can you buy real estate?

Apart from the case where the proprietor of the Occupation permits is specifically for activity through the company consisting of the acquisition and commercial exploitation of one or more buildings, until last December, the holders of the occupancy permit could only acquire one apartment in a building comprising the ground floor and at least 2 floors and for the sole purpose of their personal residence. 



For information, since December 20, 2016, all Non-foreign nationals holding the occupation permit or not may acquire one or more apartments  for the purpose of personal habitation and/or rental purposes in a building comprising the ground floor and at least 2 floors, with the prior approval of the Board of investment without any particular condition. Only restriction, the Purchase price of an apartment should not be less than Rs 6 million or the equivalent in any other convertible currency.