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The e Conseil & Assistance business firm offers you a new way to benefit from advice, in a multidisciplinary and international network on a human scale. We are driven by a spirit of openness, collaboration, agility and responsiveness.  Our irreproachable ethics, the respect of absolute confidentiality in the conduct of our missions and the continuous updating of our skills are our main strengths. We have made real commitments to our customers.



We offer very competitive rates, a monthly newsletter, a collection of thematic white papers for free download, answers to emails within 2 hours, mission letters with detailed fees, the possibility of communicating in video conference, etc....

Cabinet's Director

François ACOU


Franco Mauritian, François ACOU has lived in Mauritius for 8 years. Former Judicial Administrator and Lawyer at the Paris Bar, he has a panel of skills and experience in many areas of law, accounting, finance, administration and business management. He’s specialized in the prevention and amicable settlement of business difficulties and the restructuring of SMEs. His personal and professional background and his presence in the region for many years make him a wise advisor to guide Reunionese, Mauritian and French business leaders, as well as foreign investors, in all their steps and the development of their projects.


Communications Manager



After graduating from the Royal College of Curepipe and then from the Mauritius branch of the Eastern Institute and Integrated Learning Management (EIILM) in journalism and communication in March 2015, Dhavin continued his passion for writing and the journalistic world. Journalist in a private radio for two years, Dhavin is now in charge of the digital transition and the development of all communication tools within the firm: graphic charter, packaging, digital strategy, loyalty strategy, events, press relations among others. Mauritian, Dhavin speaks fluent English and French.

Executive Assistant



After her studies at Medco Alex Bhujoharry College, Natacha, who has an acute sense of communication, launched herself into the world of work and without delay made a place for herself in the world of marketing and administration. In addition, she obtained a certificate in Pitman Qualifications in Computer Science and a certificate in Proficiency in Early Childhood Education and began teaching at the pre-primary level for 8 years. She is now in charge of optimizing management within the firm, coordinating internal and external information, follow-up of client reminders, among others. Natacha is fluent in English and French.

Business Development Executive/ Economic Intelligence

José ARUNASALOM, Former minister and International adviser

Graduated in Economic Sciences, Business Management & International Relations, Member of the National Assembly of Mauritius from 1983 to 2005 and Member of Parliament, Lord Mayor of Port Louis, José has spent his entire career as a senior executive in the private sector of Mauritius and has held many prestigious and key positions:

  • Economic adviser to the President of the Republic of Mozambique, Joaquim Chissano between 1998 and 2000.
  • Ministerial post several times under various governments including Minister of Tourism, Chief Government Whip among others.
  • Coordinator of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and consultant for the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Africa director of an Australian International Group with activities in some 30 African countries and a platform based In Perth ( for the promotion of cross-border investments to Australia.


With a long experience in international relations, José has a great mastery of strategic aspects and issues affecting the development of the Southern Africa and Indian Ocean region, other islands of the Indian Ocean especially the Seychelles and Rodrigues. His advice is always relevant and very valuable. 

Disposals, Takeovers, Fundraising and Corporate Finance

Adrien TREMBLIN, Société VIDYA, Réunion Island


Graduated of KEDGE Business School Bordeaux-Marseille in Finance and Entrepreneurship, Adrien is the founder and director of Vidya, a business consulting firm. Based in Reunion Island, Adrien has acquired an important experience and a high degree of multidisciplinarity in the life of companies in France and abroad. Market operator within the private banking arm of BNP Paribas Paris (France). He then moved on to the administrative and financial management as Management Controller for TitanX Engine Cooling AB in Sweden (formerly Valeo). Finally, it was during his experience in New Delhi (India) for Business France Invest within the French Embassy that the taste for Mergers & Acquisitions consulting was confirmed.  

Legal Consultants

MUNGROO Ahmed    Attorney at Law

Ahmed is a practising attorney since 1988. He joined Anderson Ross legal in 2010 of which he is one of the directors. He has more than ten years of experience in the conduct of business and investment in Madagascar and has assisted many foreign investors in this country in the agricultural sector, construction and manufacturing industries.

Ahmed MUNGROO is a member of the Mauritius Law Society of Mauritius and speaks fluent English and French. 

Real Estate- Construction

Ashish RAMMAH Architect

After the Royal College of Curepipe, Ashish pursued graduate studies at the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia, where he earned a Bachelors degree in environmental design and a Masters degree in Architecture. After gaining professional experience in Australia, he returned to work in 2012 in Mauritius in several renowned architectural firms and acquired a solid experience in the main areas of activity of architecture: Residential, commercial, industrial, Educational, etc ... It is in 2016 that he

created his own firm.


Payroll Services/Social Management/Outsourcing

NEW SOFT COMPUTER SERVICES     Computer Services Payroll Management Call Center

Outsourcing Payroll management, Pay slips, Social and tax declarations, Management report 

Editor of a payroll software, Setting, Social management training Call Center

Consult us

Our Trusted Global Network


Michael GROMAND   Financial Advisor  France

Thierry GROMAND is the director of CONCEPT & Strategy. He is a designer, editor and presentator of a television programme dedicated to finance.

He acts as a Financial Consultant for several French and International Financial groups and advises, organises and accompanies start-ups or emerging companies in capital raising.

Thierry GROMAND also acts as a Real Estate Investment Consultant in Portugal and Mauritius. 


Ismaila BA Tax Advisor  Senegal

Ismaila BA is a tax lawyer who holds a Master's degree in corporate taxation. After more than 15 years of experience in a leading taxation firm, Ismaila is now the director of Mercalex in Dakar. He also hosts numerous high-level training seminars in corporate taxation and lectures at the university and other major institutions in Management and Finance. Ismaila is widely recognised as the initial point of contact to accompany investors in the settling and development of their commercial activities in Senegal. 

Bernard Carlier International Tax Advisor  France

Bernard Carlier worked in the tax department of a multi national company and then integrated the world of finance and insurance as a legal/tax lawyer. He co-founded the website which is dedicated to the tax optimisation of French expatriates, corporate executives, sportsmen and investors. David Canning is widely known for his cross-border transactions in disposal of stocks options, transfer of business , real estate taxation and tax planning.

Cloud computing, Database, WEB & social networks

GILLES SPRINGER Cloud Computing Expert  Luxembourg

Gilles develops applications and has wide experience in cloud designing and maintenance. Part of his portfolio is summarised as follows-Project Management Agile, Scrum and Kanban system. (Developer, Webdesigner, community Manager, traffic manager), Server Administration Linux and Windows (20 servers) Technologies : PHP5, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Cordova, Git, Json ... Framework : Node .js, Symphony2, Angularjs, Ionic, Lumx, Jquery, Bootstrap, Flex ... Databases : Mongodb, Mysql, Msql Management of Amazon WebServices : EC2, S3, RDS, Route 53, Elastic Beanstalk, SES, SNS ... Software Management Partners: Mailchimp, Atlasian, Post, GLS,

                                                Cegid, CIC, Société Générale.

Business Council Democratic Republic of Congo


In 2010, Christian Kiwa created GENERAFF, a business firm that provides administrative and commercial support to investors who decide to establish or expand their economic activities in the DRC. Accompanied by his collaborators and partners, he has strong expertise in sectors such as agriculture, agro-industry, mining, manufacturing industries, hotels, transport, telecommunications and energy. Christian knows his country and the opportunities it offers for local and international companies very well.