Multidisciplinary skills

Our ambition is to cover the main areas and problems of business life. Thanks to these skills, we are able to advise and guide you, in full knowledge of the facts and in perfect objectivity. We will therefore be, above all, valuable allies whose only interests guide our approach. This is how we will be very natural if necessary to direct you to a more specialized service provider, better suited to your case for very specialized, technical missions, in large volumes or outside our field of expertise.


Every e Advisory & Assistance associate carries out his activity with the necessary competence, care and diligence, in the best interests of the clients. In a strict deontology, it obliges itself to maintain the extent and the quality of its professional knowledge by a continuous training. 

To be your unique, responsive and available interlocutor...

e ADVISORY & ASSISTANCE offers you a new way of practicing consulting because we think we are demonstrating agility and responsiveness. We thus offer initial contacts and very informal requests for information, a free detailed fee estimate within 1 / 2 days, immediate telephone reminders, or a video conference and email replies within 2 hours.

Guarantee an irreproachable ethics and an absolute privacy

We consider the respect of professional privacy as an absolute ethical principle for all our activities. In accordance with our internal regulations, the content of exchanges between an assistant or an expert of our firm and our clients, whether in writing or orally during a telephone call, is completely private. Confidentiality is absolute on all our missions and whatever the circumstances. This commitment to confidentiality is set out in writing in all our engagement letters. The application of a professional code of ethics such as that of the lawyer and the Chartered Accountant in the execution of all work obliges us and implies the subscription of an adapted professional civil insurance.


Within the framework of respect for confidentiality, any employee of the firm who has undertaken to demonstrate honesty, probity and irreproachable professional integrity shall refrain from using any confidential information he holds for purposes of particular interest. It undertakes to derogate from this rule only at the request of the supervisory authorities or the courts. Furthermore, he is obliged to take the necessary organisational measures to avoid, outside his establishment, the circulation of confidential information.

Master all work tools, especially digital ones

In addition to knowledge in most areas of expertise related to business management, our added value lies in our ability to integrate all tools including digital, internet, multimedia to provide you with advice and comprehensive assistance. From the perfect mastery of transactional or automated emailing solutions to the ability to implement integrated management software, databases migration, etc...