Prices of our services




We offer you adapted and competitive rates for quality services. Our establishment in Mauritius, our fixed cost structure, voluntarily light, and an optimized organization are totally profitable for you.

We adapt our fees to your constraints

We are open to all formulas depending on your constraints: Hourly vacations, Packages, Subscriptions... In all cases we draw up an estimate / letter of mission before the beginning of the mission in which you will find all the elements of appreciation: the tariff itself, the duration of the mission, the nature and description of the services as well as the result which is expected from it.


Our hourly rates start at 9 Euros for input work up to 35 Euros per hour for drafting documents for example. As soon as possible, we offer packages, always more appreciated. For technical missions, our estimate is generally established on the basis of specifications. Finally, we offer subscription packages for regular services on a yearly basis. 

Our rates are competitive for quality services

Our establishment in Mauritius, our very light basic structure and our evolving network organization are totally profitable for you. We offer you very competitive rates for quality services. You will achieve savings in the order of 30 to 50% compared to similar services performed in Europe and/or internally, without having to assume the constraints of personnel management. 


For the services of personal assistant, office management, delegated administration and for all the current work, our establishment gives us access to young qualified and bilingual professionals eager to put their skills to good use. Many Mauritians benefit from tertiary education at foreign universities, particularly in Great Britain, France and the United States.