A personalized approach

Retire in Mauritius

We accompany you, as a foreign individual, in the realization of your personal project of expatriation to Mauritius to spend the retirement, investment and tax and/or real estate acquisition. Our approach is global, our skills are multi-disciplinary to become your privileged counsel interlocutor. Very light, our structure is reactive and the fees competitive.

Advice and independent Expertise

Beyond the conduct of the procedure and the obtaining of the Residence permit for you and your family, we will seek to apprehend your personal project in all its dimensions, especially if it is Retire to Mauritius. Our Approach will be global in the service of your only interests as a foreigner to contribute to the success of your project in Mauritius, especially when it is constituted or also accompanied by a Real estate Investment, in one of the real estate programs reserved for foreigners, for example the PDS ( Property Development Scheme, a real estate purchase that will most often be carried out as part of a Sale in the future state of completion. We will guide you and advise you on the aspects related to the legal assembly of the project with the possible creation for example of a real estate civil society, the financing of the project with one of the reputable local banks, the questions Heritage with sometimes arbitration in the field of Management of wealth and donations, Tax issues Often decisive, not forgetting the practical aspects of insurance and health coverage. In the case of an expatriation, our more specific advice will also be very useful to discover all The attractions and advantages of Mauritius.

Single Contact and available!

e Advisory and Management offers you a new way to practice the consulting as we are driven by openness and collaboration and wish to show maximum agility and responsiveness.  We offer you the first very informal contacts by phone or by email, immediate telephone reminders if you call from abroad, answers to your questions within 24 hours, a monthly newsletter to be the first informed, a Collection of thematic white papers in free download and the possibility of video lectures.