Residence permit

Foreign nationals who wish to buy/invest in a property in Mauritius have several options upon satisfaction of certain criteria in order to obtain a residence permit. We are experienced and at your disposal to assist you and to complete the procedures for obtaining the residence permit and to give you personalised advice on all aspects of your personal project. .

Buying a property under PDS (IRS, RES) or SMART CITY scheme

A foreigner is entitled to stay in Mauritius up to a maximum of 3 months visa-free as either a tourist or for business purposes but however this does not confer upon the foreign national the status of a resident of Mauritius.


All residence permit application in Mauritius are subject to the approval of the Prime Minister's Office. When a foreigner obtains a residence permit in Mauritius, his or her spouse and dependent children under the age of 18 may also obtain residence. 


Since some reforms of the law in 2002, it has now become possible for a foreigner to obtain the right to reside in Mauritius by acquiring a residential real estate which falls under the following schemes only:




Since June 2015, the Mauritian Government has decided to harmonise the regulation of real estate laws in a single legal framework, the PDS (Property Development scheme), allowing both Mauritian citizens and foreign investors to be freehold owner of their property. The PDS no longer imposes a minimum purchase price to allow the foreign investor to benefit from the Mauritian tax benefits. As with the  Former IRS and RES regimes, the investor has a residence permit if the amount of his investment exceeds USD 375 000. Only recognised real estate developers with real expertise in the profession can develop PDS real estate projects. Their projects must be environmental friendly and it should also not alter the geography and landscape of the nearby surrounding of the proposed project. The PDS is essentially a framework for real estate developers focusing on the social dimension benefiting the neighbouring community. It enables the development and commercialisation of high-end residential units, mainly for foreigners.




This model of real estate investment in Mauritius consists of buying a luxury villa, an apartment or a prestige loft in a high-end, international-level set, stretching on a property with a minimum area of 10 hectares. The acquisition of a real estate under this scheme requires a minimum investment of US $ 375,000. 




This investment scheme was implemented so as to open the market to an extended clientele, without having to invest a minimum of 375 000 US Dollars in a property. The residential units under this regime are smaller than the IRS. They must be built on a minimum of 4 221 m2 but not exceeding 10 hectares. The purchase of a property by a foreigner only entitles the foreigner to a residence permit when the capital investment exceeds US $ 375,000. If not, the purchaser may still reside in Mauritius to a maximum of 6 months a year. For a individual wishing to invest in Mauritius and to come here only several times a year, this type of investment is the most appropriate option.




Developed on a minimum of 21 hectares as part of the Live, work and play concept , smart cities will be made up of commercial areas, offices, industrial parks, recreational areas and residential units, some of which are reserved for the middle class up to 50% of its maximum area.

25% of residential units must be sold by the promoter to Mauritian residents or members of the Diaspora. The focus will be on public services, garden parks, social spaces and the offer in terms of recreation to provide visitors and residents with a modern living environment. The buildings will have to integrate high-tech materials and the whole project will be environmental friendly through the control of energy, recycling etc. .. The acquisition of a real estate under this model must represent a minimum investment of US $ 375,000 to give its owner the opportunity to obtain the residence permit.