Retirement advice in Mauritius

Candidates for retirement in Mauritius, as soon as your decision is taken, we will be at your side to guide and accompany you on all aspects of your retirement project. You will benefit from our legal, fiscal, patrimonial and real estate advices with the ambition to make your retirement project succeed to your greatest satisfaction and to become your privileged interlocutor.


Coming to Mauritius for retirement

As retirees, you have very good reasons to consider Mauritius as a very privileged place to enjoy life and retire, at least in timeshare. Mauritius is one of the preferred destinations for retirement. Going into retirement, many thought about it and... many did! To take the example of France alone, in 10 years the number of French nationals living outside France has increased by 50%. And one third of these "expatriates" are pensioners. 


Our consulting firm makes you discover the assets and attractions of Mauritius, how to come to Mauritius and then decide for good reasons to retire to Mauritius. Take a tour with us of the activities, sports and leisure activities available in Mauritius and learn about the health system and the quality of care. We are at the origin of the creation of a specific Internet site which we update very regularly.

Moving to Mauritius for retirement

Deciding to retire abroad, alone or as a couple, has many implications. So you have to be well advised. We answer all your questions upstream, and if you have already decided in principle to come and live and settle as a pensioner in Mauritius, we suggest you see what steps and formalities to take before leaving. For example, leaving France to settle in Mauritius as a pensioner has an impact on the payment of retirement pensions, the social security tax system, the taxation system and the calculation of taxes, health coverage, all subjects that you need to know and master. We are aware of these issues. The information in our section expatriating to Mauritius will be very useful to you on these subjects.

Obtaining a retirement residence permit in Mauritius

The firm assists you in all administrative procedures to obtain the retirement residence permit. All the details on the conditions and the procedure for obtaining a retirement permit are listed on our retirement residence permit page, in addition to the basic conditions for being able to benefit from the residence permit reserved for retirees, which are as follows:


  • be at least 50 years old, without having to be officially retired in your home country,
  • transfer a minimum amount of 2 500 USD to a bank account opened in your name in a bank in Mauritius and provide supporting documents and then pay a monthly sum of 2 500 US Dollars to said account, or 30 000 $ in the year, for three years,
  • to provide a medical certificate, after examinations made on the spot in Mauritius and to pay an application fee of 20 000 Rs.


Legal, tax & wealth advice for your retirement

Our consulting firm offers you all the legal and tax advice, duties and tax residence that is essential for managing changes in your situation and place of residence and understanding the Mauritian tax system. The year of change of tax residence formalities and specific declarations concern the country of origin and Mauritius. You can count on personalized advice and practical and very concrete assistance, which we legitimately owe to foreign nationals settling on our island.

Advice toward an real estate acquisition

If moving to Mauritius for retirement means to make you a real estate acquisition, we are at your disposal to help you carry out your real estate project. Real estate advice and expertise will be useful in choosing together the right legal and tax package, finding bank financing if necessary and monitoring the construction project until delivery of the property in the very often proposed framework of a sale in the future state of completion.