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You need a visa and other entry formalities to stay in Mauritius, we are here to help you

As part of a policy of opening borders, foreign nationals who wish to come to Mauritius may enter and stay, after satisfying the conditions of entry. Two types of entry visas are granted to foreign nationals, business visas and tourist visas.

The consular section of the Embassy of Mauritius in Paris will inform you if necessary on the regulations regarding entry and stay in Mauritius, immigration regulations that you will imperatively respect. Once there, the Passport Immigration Office will take over. Under no circumstances are you allowed to live and work in Mauritius without an entry visa, then an adequate residence permit.


In general, visitors to Mauritius must satisfy the following conditions of entry:

  • Be in possession of a valid passport beyond the period of the stay,
  • Have a sufficient amount of money for the duration of the stay (approximately USD 100 per day, as an indication),
  • Hold a confirmed return ticket or a ticket to the next stopover as appropriate,
  • A hotel reservation or the exact address and the phone number of the host.


The initial duration of the stay is granted for up to 3 months and is at the discretion of the immigration authorities.  

The formalities of entry to Mauritius

Passport, nationality

French foreign nationals, foreign nationals of other countries of the European Union, Switzerland and Canada do not need a visa to come to Mauritius and stay there, if their stay in Mauritius does not exceed 3 consecutive months. However, any foreign national entering Mauritius has an obligation to complete an immigration document provided by the airline and handed over to the check-in at the airport. A visa is affixed to the passport of the traveler on arrival (port or Airport), by the immigration services. This principle does not apply to foreign nationals of certain listed countries, where it is also necessary to possess a valid visa, even before arriving in Mauritius. 


In terms of vaccinations, the recommendations of  The Pasteur Institute to come and stay in Mauritius are the following:

Vaccinations included in the immunization schedule to update

Hepatitis A : 1 injection 15 days before departure, reminder 1 to 3 (5) years later. Children: From the age of 1 year

Optional, depending on the duration or conditions of the stay:

Hepatitis B: For long or repeated stays, two injections spaced for one month. Single reminder 6 months later. Where immunity is to be rapidly acquired (in the event of imminent departure), an accelerated regimen with three close doses and a fourth dose 1 year later may be used, only in adults.

Typhoid : In case of prolonged stay or in precarious hygienic conditions.

NB: A vaccination certificate is required for travelers aged over one year from countries where there is a risk of transmission of the Yellow fever and travellers who have been in transit for more than 12 hours in an airport in a country where there is a risk of yellow fever transmission.


There is No malaria to Mauritius. 


The legislation in Mauritius concerning the importation of animals is very strict and requires the authorisation of the Ministry of Agriculture. For dogs and cats, you must apply for an import permit to the Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture. Then provide the necessary documents for obtaining the import permit and the health certificate (copy of the medical booklet and vaccinations). Finally, it will be a confirmation of your arrival at least two days before departure from the quarantine service for the management of the animal. The animal is placed in quarantine for a period of one month and the costs of lodging and food are to be taken care of. The importation of some breed dogs are banned on the Mauritian territory and a List of prohibited dangerous dogs by the government has been established. 

The different visas

Tourist Visa

The initial maximum legal duration of a tourist stay in Mauritius is set at 3 months. The holders of a tourist visa do not have the right to undertake activities of a commercial or professional nature (paid employment) during their stay. Foreign nationals entering Mauritius as tourists are also not allowed to request the extension of the tourist visa or the permit to study or take an internship.


Coming to study in Mauritius requires the acceptance of its application from the universities or training institution, validated by the competent authorities. In principle, it is not possible to go from being a tourist to a resident.

Business Visa

In general, for any stay other than tourist, it is advisable to Consult us before you leave. Foreign nationals who come to Mauritius to work, to create a company, to invest or apply for an "occupation permit" may enter the country with a business visa. The entry is usually subject to a prior authorization subject to a confirmation letter, when as is frequent a contact has already been established with the Board of investment (BOI). According to the criteria generally established by the Board of investment, foreigners who come to Mauritius to create a company, to establish themselves professionally, to invest, to do business or to apply for an "occupation permit" are eligible for a Business Visa valid for a maximum of 120 days, per calendar year, each business visa visit shall not exceed 90 days. It will be for the employee, the professional or the investor to obtain a residence permit or a residence and work permit, says "Occupation permit".



In summary, coming to Mauritius to invest, to create a company, to undertake an activity or to exercise as an independent professional means having to enter with a business visa. It may and must be requested by the foreign national a residence and work permit known as "Occupation permit", through the Board of Investment (BOI) within the period of 120 days granted. 

The length of the stay and its eventual extension

The initial maximum duration of a tourist stay in Mauritius is set at 3 months. It is possible to request an extension of the duration of the stay with the "passport and Immigration Office", for a further period of 3 months. Thus, the maximum total duration of a stay in Mauritius is 6 months, and this per year.


The maximum length of stay in Mauritius for a foreign national with a business visa is 4 months, non-renewable. 

The residence permit

Obtaining a residence and work permit says "Occupation permit " in Mauritius, valid for a period of three years, is possible for " An employee, a professional or an investor " under certain conditions. The "occupancy permit" applications are presented to the Board of investment (BOI). If the application is approved, the residence and work permit is granted and available to the Immigration Office. Dependent family members may also apply for a permit.  Medical tests are required to be done on-site in Mauritius to obtain the residence and work permit. All the details, conditions and modalities for obtaining a residence and work permit are presented in our section The OCCUPATION Permit .

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