Advice for retirement in mauritius

We are competent and at your disposal to advise you on all aspects of your project in Mauritius: Advice on Residence Permit, Legal & Tax Advice, Aspects of wealth management, Advice on real estate, including property acquisitions and tax exemption.

Mauritius: An ideal place for retirement

As pensioners, you have very good reasons to consider Mauritius a very privileged place to enjoy life and spend your retirement, at least on a timeshare basis. Mauritius offers many attractions and advantages, some of which are decisive. It is not by chance that Mauritius is the 3rd destination chosen by French retirees to expatriate. You have worked for years, saved up for a good retirement and now want to make the most of it. Mauritius is really an ideal destination, provided you prepare your expatriation well. If the conditions are met, you will easily and quickly obtain your residence permit.


We invite you to visit the website that we have realized on the theme of retirement in Mauritius, in collaboration with the Real Estate Agency Émeraude Immobilier. You will discover all the assets, attractions, benefits of Mauritius for retirees and answers to questions on all aspects of your project to settle /Expatriate to Mauritius to spend your retirement.

Real Estate for retirees

There are many opportunities to acquire real estate in Mauritius when you want to spend your retirement there full time or partly. You can buy your property in one of these programs accessible to foreigners, program called PDS (Property Development scheme), IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme), RES (Real Estate Scheme) or SCS (Smart City Scheme) or an apartment under certain conditions, which is a novelty. Indeed, since 20 December 2016, non Mauritian citizens can also purchase one or more ground floor +2 apartments in a building comprising the ground floor and at least 2 floors with the prior approval of the Board of Investment on the sole condition that the purchase price of an apartment must not be less than 6 million rupees (15,000€) or the equivalent in any other convertible currency.